Here is some inevitability we might want to focus our attention on as a community as we move forward into creating the best future for the world we share as a community

Creating Our Recovery Systems

Maybe our best future depends on increasing productivity from our renewable resources and from our creative resources but our best future does not depend on increased consumption and degradation of our common resources, – our natural resources, – our essential resources. This is good common sense from my point of view.

If we hope to create a better future for ourselves, we would do well to focus our creative attention, our creative energy, and our creative ideas on learning how to create community around our common human interests. How do we create a future that works for all of us?

We could all benefit from learning how to create community around our common interests and the interests we have in common. We need to learn how to create community for the future of our community, – our world. We need to learn how to create a culture of community. We need to learn how to practice community behaviour and demonstrate community leadership. We need to learn how to hold one another accountable for our behaviour, – learn how we excite creative leadership, and learn how we make creative common enterprise around our overarching common human interests possible.

Restoring Our Environment
Restoring Our Atmosphere
Restoring Our Oceans

Community behaviour is behaviour that is respectful, appreciative, considerate, open, honest, fair, and contributive. Community behaviour is leadership behaviour. Community behaviour and leadership behaviour are required to make creative community enterprise possible and deliberative democracy possible.

Leadership with agency and communities with agency can coexist with other leaders and other communities with agency, creating connections and working with one another with a culture and language of community in what Ken Wilbur would describe as an evolutionary environment. Creating our community brings the debate about evolution, consciousness, and our capacity for transformation to an entirely new level and will save many missteps and wrong turns on whatever wisdom path we choose to take.

In the meantime, our frogs are boiling, – the frogs we count on for our survival, – as well as the dumb frogs who are turning up the heat and allowing this to happen. We need to do more than talk about it. Let’s start with something tangible.

Salish Sea Community Learning Centre